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Samples of Real Time Projects are as follows


This is a Real Time Project. In the Existing System, we’re purchasing the products via online (Over internet from the users PCs). Though online retailing is featured in mobile, that wasn’t developed as much as compared to the retailing via PCs and Laptops. In the Proposed System, We can purchase the products through our Android Smartphone. The user will hit the shopping server from their Android mobile with NFC Tag. The once they’ve entered into the site, they can purchase the items. Here we’re providing the NFC ID to each and every user so that they enter it whenever they’re signing into the site Modification in this Real Time Project is we’re sending an SMS alert to the user’s mobile phone regarding the “deals of the day”. This lets the users to know the deals, so that they can purchase the products. Also we’re writing the Image Coupon Id in the NFC tag. This ensures the security for the users.

ALGORITHM / METHODOLOGY: Secured Random Key Generation

DOMAIN: Real Time Project, Mobile Computing, Security, Embedded, Android


This is a Real Time Project. In the Existing System, various online attacks has been increased & most popular attack is phishing. Phishing is to get personal confidential information such as passwords, credit card information from unsuspecting victims for identity theft, financial gain and other fraudulent activities. In the Proposed System, a new approach named as "A Novel Anti-phishing framework based on visual cryptography "to solve the problem of phishing. We also implement image based authentication using Visual Cryptography. The use of visual cryptography is explored to preserve the privacy of an image captcha by decomposing the original image captcha into two shares. Modification in this Real Time Project, is once the user logged out after accessing their account, a dynamic password will be generated and send as an SMS to the user mobile. When the user logging in next time, they’ve to provide the new password share. By using this technique we can avoid the hacking process. Also if some logging in into your account, they will not be able to your account’s password. This will provide more security.

ALGORITHM / METHODOLOGY: Visual Cryptography, Secured Random Key Gen

DOMAIN: Real Time Project, Web Security, Mobile Computing

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